Truelette ver.2.0.0


We released a new version of Truelette !

Improvement and New Feature in version 2.0.0

  • Operation of the roulette was improved.
  • Thumbnail images was added to a list of roulette.
  • You can share the roulette which you made.
  • You download the roulette which other users made and can use it.
  • You can tweet the roulette which you made from a Twitter account.
  • Put the rubber tip of the arrow for safety.
  • Introduction
  • How to Use
  • How to Use
  • Credit

Hi, how are you enjoying your life?

There are times we meet when we need to make tough decisions.No matter how hard you think over it, it's not an easy call. When you come to think over it, your every day life is a series of minor decisions. You wake up in the morning, you have to decide what you have for breakfast and how you dress up. After you finish your job, you think about who you're going to have a beer with or rather go home and spend time on you hobby.

That's right, every step you make in life is a process of thinking over your choices and making up your mind. Although, even the slightest decision can be a difficult one to make. That's when Truelette will come in handy. Truelette will change your tough decisions a fun and exciting one to make.

Truelette displays your choices on to a spinning roulette and shoots out an arrow to make the choice for you. On the surface of Truelette you can paste a photo taken by your iPhone camera, a pic from your photo library, or you can input simple text. You can adjust the area each choice takes up by dragging the border. So, in case you're leaned toward having Italian for lunch but you still can't put Chinese food out of your mind, you can change the probability of each option.

You can save your selection themes, the favorite ones you want to use over and over. For instance, places to go for lunch, a list of movie theaters nearby, a list of friends you choose to hang out with, and so on.

Truelette can become a partner of your everyday life, but that's not all. Say you gather up with your friends for a party and you want to make a seating arrangement or want to have a drawing for a prize or a penalty game, Truelette's feature to implement photo into the roulette is perfect for any of these situations.

Entertainment and a bit of thrill is sure to be awaiting in your usual day with the accompany of Truelette.

*We are not responsible of the results caused from the use of this application. Please use at your own risk!

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Shared Roulettes

How to use Truelette

Hi there, I'm Catherine.
This section describes how to use this "Truelette".

1. Choose an item you would like to add.
tutorial image 1
When the App starts, it shows a roulette in the center of the screen. Tap wherever you like on the roulette to paste your item. You can either take a photo, choose a photo from your library, or enter text as an item. Choose whichever you like by flicking the flick menu.
2. Take a photo for an item (iPhone only).
tutorial image 2
When you choose the Camera Icon, you can take a photo with the built-in camera to add a photo as an item. Once you take a photo, drag or zoom in and out to position the pic as you like.
3. Choose a photo from your library as an item.
When you choose the Library Icon, you can select a photo from your iPhone or iPod library to add a photo as an item.
4. Enter text as an item.
tutorial image 4
When you choose the Text Icon, you can enter text to add as an item. You can also tap the "Color" button to change the color of your text. It is best to keep the letter count of your text to fit in the textfield.
5. Set the size of your item.
tutorial image 5-1
Once you add an item, you can drag the edges to adjust the range it covers. It's useful when there is an item with more priority.
tutorial image 5-2
For instance, If you want to pick an organizer for a party, you would want each item to be placed even.
Then tap the Gear Icon on the bottom right corner, and choose "Average".
It will average out all the items on the roulette. Useful tip.
6. Fill in the roulette.
tutorial image 6
Fill in the roulette so that there are no gaps. If there is a small gap in between the items, you can drag the edges to make it fit in.
Also, if you keep you make a long tap on the item, a flick menu will appear and you can edit your item.
7. Spin your roulette.
tutorial image 7-1
When you fill the roulette with items, a "Spin"button will appear on the center of the roulette. Tap it to enter the Spin Mode.
In the Spin Mode, you can flick either in the left or right direction to spin the roulette.
tutorial image 7-2
If you decide you want to change your roulette, tap the "Edit" button. The roulette will go back in to the Edit Mode.
8. Shoot the bowgun to make your choice!
tutorial image 8
Once the roulette is spinning, a bowgun will appear from the bottom of the screen. Tap it to shoot an arrow. The arrow will shoot straight to the roulette. The roulette will slow down to show which item the arrow hit.
9. What will be your result?
tutorial image 9
When the roulette stops, I will announce which item is chosen. It is up to you how you reflect this result.
If you want to play again with the same roulette, tap "Retry". If you want to play on after excluding the current result, tap "Continue". If you want to clear your roulette and start all over again, tap "Back to Start".
10. Save your roulette.
tutorial image 10-1
There are times you want to use your roulette over and over.
Like when you want to pick a place for Lunch, what to wear today, pick who you want to go out with tonight… You can use the Save and Load feature to save you roulette.
tutorial image 10-2
Tap the Gear Icon on the bottom right corner and choose "Save Preset" to save your roulette. Pick a name for your roulette.
tutorial image 10-3
You can load in your roulette whenever your roulette is not spinning, by choosing the "Load Preset" from the Gear Icon.
You can save up to 3 roulettes on the Free Version. You saves are unlimited in the Paid Version. Please use the Save feature to save your favorite roulettes to use whenever you like.
11. Share your roulette.
tutorial image 11-1
You may want to share your roulette with your friends. You might be interested in what kind of roulettes other users are creating. Truelette can share your customized roulettes.
Choose "Share Preset" from the Gear Icon on the bottom right corner. A Download Screen will appear.
tutorial image 11-2
In the Download Screen, you can download roulettes made by other users.
Tap the "Download" button to download any roulette. If you like that roulette tap the "Vote" button.
To upload your roulette tap the "Post" tab.
A screen will appear to choose which roulette to upload, so choose one from your saved roulettes.
tutorial image 11-3
When you choose a roulette you would like to upload, a Upload Screen will appear.
tutorial image 11-4
Enter your name and a description of your roulette to upload.
If you have the "Post to Twitter account" option enabled you can also post to your Twitter account.
You can share your roulette with your friends on Twitter.

That's all on how to use the "Truelette".
You can use this App in many occasions when you need to make a decision. Please keep it handy. I hope to meet you every day!

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Created by ...

Hirohumi Hayashida
Graphic Design
Yuji Haba
Music/Sound Effect
Naomi Takagaki

Special Thanks!

Takahiro Okubo
Takashi Kawada
Duncan Mountford
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